June 2017 – News from Girls Represent!


My Sydney Screen Studies Network presentation, “Nostalgia, Representation and Transgression in Disney Princess Culture,” is now available as a podcast! The podcast discusses trends in Disney Princess online fanart and discussion since 2014, including Feminist Princesses and Twisted Princesses. The podcast includes the talk itself and the Q&A session afterwards. You can listen to it here.

Girls Represent has a Tumblr blog! I reblog photographs, GIFs and videos of a wide variety of girl-centric films and girl characters in film. The blog has a growing collection of tags, which serve as links to lists of directors, stars, genres, plot elements, decades, years and different types of girls (such as queer girls, disabled girls, Black girls, Latinx girls, Native American girls, East Asian girls and South Asian girls). My goal is for the blog to become a resource for feminists, film fans and academics.

Girls Represent also has a Facebook page, where I post Films of the Day, as well as news about upcoming films about girls.


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